Augustine on Christmas

“Rejoice, you just;” it is the birthday of the Justifier.
Rejoice, you who are weak and sick; it is the birthday of the Savior, the Healer.
Rejoice, captives; it is the birthday of the Redeemer.
Rejoice, slaves; it is the birthday of the one who makes you lords.
Rejoice, free people; it is the birthday of the one who makes you free.
Rejoice, all Christians; it is the birthday of Christ.

From Proclaiming the Christmas Gospel, page 32


Dustin Wagner said...

A stronger church would celebrate Christ's birthday on his actual birthday which isn't even known for sure as if its not that special??? Not in coincidence with a consumer shopping spree. Materialism is not godliness. Capitilism is based on inequality and Jesus said love everyone which is the very essence of equity. I'm not a praticing Christian but i do take great interest in theology. This attack on christmas is a good thing if you ask me. If christianity is too survive into a new scietific millinium it must seperate itslef from falsehoods. The Christmas we know is merely a substitue for the pagans new year ritual which occured near the winter solstice. I admire the idea of a secular christmas (too bad the name would have to go) It helps the economy and its a time to give. But I would much rather see a real Chri Mass on or near his actual birthday. Sorry for the rant but as i see it the church as it is now is merely a right wing political entity and or an evangelistic economic entity. Either one bordering on blasphemy. If we truly let Jesus into our hearts we would all know that something is terribly wrong with the world today and humanity has lost its way. "Through peace shall come war" "through good shall come evil" this is my honest idea of whats happening nowadays things that once were good are being perverted inbto the opposite of what they could be... Anyways I'm sorry for such a long comment I think tho it would help for a stronger church if the basic church entity itself were faultless through god and not through the failures of men...

Peter Bogert said...


Thank you for your comments.

I agree that Christmas has been horribly commercialized. Nevertheless, despite the faults of the culture, I have no problem observing a day (even if it is not the "correct day") set aside to remember that something really significant happened when Jesus was born. To be right with God through him, to be forgiven for my sins big and small - this is worth celebrating!