Reading & Notes Revisited

I appreciate the input from Bumble and the question from Larry in the comments section of the previous post.

Bumble has a very fine set of study templates that would be of value for any preacher to look over. Larry's question involved what pastors use to compile their notes. I tend to stick to pen and paper, photocopying sections of commentaries as needed to take with me to my daily lunch/study at the local Barnes and Noble. But I don't use any electronic tools for notetaking, despite a rather substantial investment in Logos/Libronix software.

Speaking of reading, Ligon Duncan has an excellent series of posts on pastors and reading. See the Together for the Gospel blog.

I would also recommend a book by Dale Rosenberger called Who Are You To Say: Establishing Pastoral Authority in Matters of Faith. His church background is a bit different from mine, but he has some good things to say about the importance of God's Word as the center of our pastoral authority.

Next up on my list of reading is A Call to Spiritual Reformation by D.A. Carson. What are you reading?

- - -

My fantasy baseball league draft is looming on the horizon. If you are so inclined, and would like some good um, small room reading, I highly recommend Ron Shandler's Baseball Forecaster.