Missed Opportunity Giveaways at T4G

The giveaway books were fantastic. Macarthur Study Bible (NASB) topped the list, but the other books were very well chosen and very worthwhile.

That being said, the founders of the T4G should realize that they missed the boat by not providing the following:

1. RC Sproul, John Piper and John Macarthur Bobble head dolls.
2. A DVD of the Star Trek: the Next Generation episode where Captain Picard finds his long-lost separated-at-birth twin, CJ Mahaney.
3. "DJ Ligon" t-shirts.
4. Crystal Cathedral Lego sets
5. VeggieTales Study Bibles to take home to our children and grandchildren.
6. "Reformed By My Own Choice" bumper stickers.
7. "I Bash If You Flash" RC Sproul collector buttons.
8. Unisex tote bag, courtesy of the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.
9. Special "Whoops I Saw An Angel" Depends (1 in every 100 autographed by Al Mohler)
10. Coupons for the Sovereign Grace Barbershop and Styling Salon: one style fits all.

Try harder in 2008, guys.


Chuck said...

Wow, those are awesome. I don't what's best- 'I Bash if You Flash' or the I Saw an Angel Depends.

Peter Bogert said...

Thanks, Chuck. I hate to be critical, but missed opportunities need to be called what they are. :-)

stauf46 said...

Well done, Peter!

I wouldn't change your 10, but what about audio (maybe 45s?) of the Mel and Lig rap and Cessna / Concorde replicas?

Peter Bogert said...


How about free ipods with the audio and video??!!

pastorshaun said...

ROFL! Where are those Depends?

WES said...

I want to see the Mohler, Dever, Mahaney, Lig official T4G bobble head doll.

Fun stuff, Peter.

4given said...