News, Links and Resources

Thanks to the people who commented on the previous post. I appreciate their insight.

I've caught up with a few good articles, resources and books over the last few weeks. Here are a few worth looking at:

Led By the Spirit, by Jim Elliff, is a brief but very helpful booklet on how to discern the will of God. It is available via the publisher ( or via Amazon.)

A great article by John Piper on the will of God can be found here. Also, Dr. Piper had a recent article on the Pope Benedict remarks about Islam here.

An excellent online Bible program from the makers of the NET Bible is worth bookmarking.

Young, Restless, Reformed looks at the resurgence of Reformed Theology, and at conferences such as the Together for the Gospel conference that was held in April.

Do you do any research writing? Check out Ottobib - an online bibliography formatter.

The Missions Atlas Project has a great interactive site that might be helpful to those of you who do work with your church missions program. Thanks to Ron Smith, our Student Pastor, for pointing this out to me.

I was asked to point out a link to a site that provides information on retreats for Pastors. Maybe someone will find the opportunity to take some time aside from the demands of ministry.