A Few Resources

I've used several books and videos over the years on the subject of raising children. I have to say that the best that I have used is called Effective Parenting in a Defective World by Chip Ingram. Available from Walk Through the Bible Ministries for only $99 for 9 3o-minute sessions, there is a noticeable lack of psychobabble and a good deal of practical application of what the Bible tells us about parenting.

Ingram recently completed a book by the same title, available via Amazon, and would be a good book to give new parents. Well-worth using in an adult Sunday School class, small group setting, or just having it available to in the church library. We were impressed enough to buy a copy for our daughter and son-in-law.

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Hardly a ministry resource, but Stephen Lawhead's most recent book, Hood: Part 1 of the Raven Trilogy, is fun reading. I wouldn't put it among Lawhead's best work, but it was, well, fun. It is the beginning of the story of Robin Hood, though told from a very nontraditional perspective. Blogger of Bloggers Tim Challies posted a review on a pre-release of the book some months ago. I generally use audio books as my non-ministry reading, but this was a Christmas gift and one I would recommend.

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John Piper's book on depression When the Darkness Will Not Lift, is online. Justin Taylor has some things to say about the book. It can be printed (it is in PDF format) and given to people who may be struggling with this problem.

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My next read is The Devoted Life, by Kelly Kapic and Randall Gleason. Subtitled, An Invitation to the Puritan Classics, this looks like a good intro into Puritan authors and their writings.

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SO GLAD to have the Far Side back, and in a on-page-per-day tear off format. What a great sense of humor. You either "get" Gary Larson or you don't but, fans will enjoy the daily look at one of his classics.


JP Manzi said...

Thanks for those book recommentdations especially the ony on parenting.

Ready for the Phils? What else do us Philly fans have to root for.

Milton Stanley said...

Yes, thanks indeed. How have you been, by the way. Haven't heard from you in a while.

Scott said...

Yea...where are ya Pete? Haven't seen you blogging in weeks!