A Quick Book Recommendation

I began a series on Romans this past Sunday, and made provision for our people to order two books over the next three weeks that would help them in understanding the letter.

One book was a hardcover ESV - only reason I made that available was because I have been preaching from it since January. I took an informal poll one Sunday and while the NIV is the translation that is most used, over 50% of our people used other versions. I am making the ESV hardcover available at a discount for those who are interested.

The other book is more significant, though. It is something I would heartily recommend to you to make available to your congregation. Written by Rick Cornish, 5 Minute Theologian is a book that explains clearly and simply what various theological terms mean. I'd recommend it highly as a good basic book on doctrine.


Milton Stanley said...

Thanks for the recommendations, Peter. Glad to see that you're encouraging use of the ESV.

John said...

Peter, since you've mentioned the ESV, perhaps you'd expound upon your translation preferences.