Revisiting Pastors - A Request for Input

I appreciated the comments that were left by several people on the issue of making our preaching last beyond the final Amen of the morning service. Several people commented on needs within the preacher himself. Others commented on tools that we might use to accomplish the task of helping our people revisit/remember the topic being preached.

I think that the use of the Sunday text in small groups, which again is hardly novel, is a very helpful way of solidifying the sermon in a mid-week meeting. But I have been thinking of other things that might work.
  • a mid-week recap by email
  • a devotional-type guide that gets you into the passage a bit more - perhaps 3 or 4 days worth of review and 2-3 days of preview
  • a late-week preview of the coming sermon by email

I guess I come back to my original point - we work hard (or should work hard!) at putting together a sermon that we desire to see God use in the lives of our people. In the rush of information, what we said from 10:00 to 10:30 (your time slot may vary) on Sunday can be easily forgotten. While the Spirit of God is responsible to apply the Word to our people, he has ordained what we do to be a big part of that.

Thanks again for your comments. Keep them coming if you like!


Rev. Rick Hill Jr, D.Div. said...

I think your plan is great! I really think that you are right all too often; I’ll speak for myself I am guilt of trying to pump too much information in a short amount of time. Your “revisit/remember plan” throughout the week will not only help people remember what you are preaching but help them “live” it, which is what is most important. In Him, Rick