More Resources You Might Like

Following one of Phil Johnson's links the other day led me to a site sponsored by Twin City Fellowship called Critical Issues Commentary. You can download both print and audio copies of their every-other month publication. Worthwhile stuff.

Shane Raynor has a good post on Salvation, Repentance and Cheap Grace on World Magazine's Theogica Site. Wish those guys would get an RSS feed - have I missed it?

Those of you who do research papers and aren't in love with the citations part of writing need to check this site.

Kevin Jones (The Reluctant Puritan) shows a creative side. Nice job, Kevin.

I'm using a new book by John Piper as devotional reading. Check out Taste and See. I bought it at Westminster Seminary's bookstore, but they don't have it listed. Given their Amazon-beating prices and flat $5 shipping charge per order, you might want to check them out before you buy.

Two books on my reading list are Mark Dever and Paul Alexander's new The Deliberate Church and D.A. Carson's A Call to Spiritual Reformation.

Running the Blogger spellchecker on this post was a hoot, by the way!


Milton Stanley said...

Thanks for the links, Peter. You might want to check the URL for the Critical Issues Commentary. Even when I take out the extra http:// it doesn't work. Peace.

Peter Bogert said...

Thanks, Milton - I fixed it!

Kendra ES Rathke said...

HEllo. What shurch do ya preach?

Peter Bogert said...


I am the pastor of Faith Community Church in Roslyn, PA (nar Phila.)

thebluefish said...

Twin Cities have some good articles... been reading them for years. Good to see it being noticed.