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What to do with this blog?

It's been two weeks since I posted, and have considerably slackened my blog posting over the last few months. When Stronger Church was birthed nearly a year ago, my purpose was to point out resources that could be used by those committed to seeing the church maintain biblical moorings. Some earlier posts linked to internet resources, recommended commentaries, and discussions of preaching. Along the way there were several rants about suspect methodology and a few posts about personal experiences.

Reading some of the blogs I scan each day has made me aware of issues facing the church that I might not have known about. I've been able to correspond with a couple of other people who share the same perspective that I have (and a few who don't). By reading blogs and writing one, my thinking has been refined in some areas. I recently told a friend that writing on my blog has helped me to think through a number of issues.

It seems that the most successful blogs are maintained by people who are highly committed to posting at least once (and sometimes more) per day. I've struggled to do that, and in the last few weeks have noticed one former regular blogger disappear, one decide that daily posting is too much, and one new blogger wondering if blogging will cut in on other things he ought to be reading. A weekly or every-other-weekly posting schedule is going to mean that people are less inclined to read, and if no one is reading, what's the point?

I'm not sure where I'm headed with this. I don't think I can commit to daily posting, but I want to be able to share with other people of like interests and passions the things that I find helpful in my own walk as a pastor. So for those of you who have tuned in and not found anything new, stay with me for a bit. I'm working on some things that I hope will be of value.


LEM'S Politics said...

Advise from one frustrated blogger to another. It is not your job to read it,It is your job to write it.
I believe you will find when you worry more about the informed information you give to others, and not so much to their opinion of you, you will succeed in all things you attempt. I know I went through the same thing I began to believe it was a waste of my time. The word of God is never a waste of time. Just remember what Jesus endured, writing a little blog as you and I attempt to do is no bother at all. God Bless you and you attempt to obey the command "preach the word"

Andy said...

Yes. You write, when you're so moved and we'll read. Nothing more is expected of you. I appreciate your work.

Malcolm said...

I'm with Andy, Peter. Your thoughts have been enlightening and appreciated. Blog as you can, but never to the detriment of your people. Blessings brother.

Malcolm said...

Also... I recently noticed a Bogert Lane in my neighborhood. So you are prayed for, as a fellow pastor on the journey, each time I drive by.

KP said...

Peter, let me add my voice to those of others who've expressed appreciation for your efforts. I subscribe to your blog via Bloglines so I'm notified of additions when you post them so for me it's never a matter of constantly visiting your blog and being disappointed to find nothing new.

You've touched on something I've been giving a lot of thought to lately myself. My schedule simply doesn't afford me the time to devote to blogging that I might like. I've wondered whether it's of any value to continue if I can't keep pace with the blogosphere's pace but I've decided not to give up yet. I just pray that regardless of how many or how few I may reach, my thoughts will be of benefit to them by way of informing, encouraging, and/or provoking further thought.

The book of Proverbs has a lot of warnings about speaking rashly. Unfortunately, the pressure to churn out something new that accompanies blogging can easily lead us (I'll just speak for myself and say "me") to disregard those cautions. I find it worth the wait to read those who don't post frequently but have something of substance to offer when they do. I count you among them.

Scott said...


As one who has wandered through this area as well, I think weekly is about all I can muster too. I took a month off after reading of the blogout at Cerulean Sanctum and it did me good. After I consolidated my blogs and put together the one I'm writing to now, it seemed that stress was removed from me.

I think with these days of RSS readers (I use the "Sage" plug in on my firefox browser) you can scan a variety of blogs each day without losing interest. It's better for you to write weekly or even twice a month if what you have to write about can be condensed into that schedule. Better to do that and post meanderings that will cause others to lose interest if they think you have nothing new to say.

Keep at it and I'm reading as I know you read mine!

Scott Cheatham

Milton Stanley said...

Peter, if you don't post multiple times a day you'll never be able to make a living from blogging. So what? Few of us do.

You're meeting your goal of pointing to valuable resources for stronger churches. Whether you do that ten times a day or once a week, you're doing good work here, and I'll keep reading. Peace.

leah said...

I found your blog! I like what you set out to do! Write what God lays upon your heart when he lays it! I also love your Blog name! It's my mission too!

Bumble said...

You are a real world pastor with real people. Blogging are only a reflection of the real you - and so, reflection is secondary. When you write, we will read...