Lots of books, little time, administrivia.

What a combo! I have a good number of books I'd like to read. Things get in the way. Some of it is me, some of it is circumstantial. How do I do a better job and read more?

There have been a couple of reading-oriented posts on the new Together for the Gospel blog. Yesterday (January 25th), Mark Dever shared his program of reading that was quite interesting. Dever is both a theologian and an historian, and his reading schedule reflects that. Today, Al Mohler's entry, "Some Thoughts on the Reading of Books" provides some very useful advice and some insight into how a very busy person stays on top of things.

I also received the monthly newsletter of Preaching Now ( in which the ten best books of the year for preachers were listed. It comes from an article in the Jan-Feb issue entitled The Top Ten Books Every Preacher Should Read.

I've got a couple of books on my list as you probably do. How do you make sure that you get to them. Al Mohler reads late at night. When do you do your best reading. Do you have goals, lists of books to read? Do you skim or read thoroughly? Do you take notes? What's on your list to read this year?

By the way, in signing off, Dr. Mohler points to a resource I don't remember seeing before: Bible Researcher. Looks like it would be of value.

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Thanks to those of you who responded to my blog yesterday. Your comments were both encouraging and helpful. It meant a lot!


Milton Stanley said...

Bible Researcher looks good. I may add it to my resources column. Thanks.