Some Great Advice for Pastors

This post is from Dr. Ray Pritchard's website and is must reading for those of us in pastoral ministry. Thanks to Roy Lim, one of the men in our church, for sending it to me.


Don said...

Hi Peter

Just dropping by and noticed the link to Pritchard's article. Thanks for that. I especially appreciated his points about politics in point no. 1. I have been mulling over writing something on politics recently, with a title of: "If you don't like politics, get out of the polis".

Politics is unavoidable. We have to think 'proactively' as they say [and biblically] about the topic if we are going to be able to influence our flocks the way the Lord would have us do.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3

Peter Bogert said...

Thanks for stopping by, Don!

Milton Stanley said...

Thanks for the link, Peter. It was very encouraging, as have been several brothers and sisters lately. More later. Peace.

Scott said...


Good article. Thanks for telling my about it. Have a blessed Palm Sunday this weekend.


bumble said...

Thanks for the link...