Monday Discoveries

Here are some good links that I found over the last few days:

A great article by John Samson on Preaching for the Glory of God over at Reformation Theology. Worth printing and reviewing from time to time.

Pastor Samson also provides a link to the Gospel of Judas over at the National Geographic site. With this "discovery" and the upcoming DaVinci Code movie, it would be helpful to have resources for our people so that they are not shaken in their faith. While people who do the research might see these things as fully answerable, I am concerned about less mature believers in whom these things plant a seed of doubt. Al Mohler had a great column on the Gospel of Judas this past week (see the entry for April 7).

Andrew at Faith and Practice had a very good entry on discernment. Another worthwhile article to print out.

The White Horse Inn (Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals) is not available as a podcast. Good stuff, and free.

On a different note, if you want to enjoy a moment of levity, check out this video. For those of you who enjoy the latest and greatest free software, check out this link.


Milton Stanley said...

Thanks, Peter. I linked to the preaching article today at TS. Peace.