Have the Courage to Preach and Teach Doctrine

After Easter, I'm going to embark on a study of Romans. Not sure how I'll do it yet - whether I'll work through the whole book or whether I'll split it into the logical four sections and take brief breaks. I'm leaning toward the former.

One of the main reasons for deciding to preach through Romans is that we are in a day when almost every major historical doctrine of the faith is being attacked in some way - sometimes even from the "inside." I want, through the series, to affirm biblical Evangelical faith and also to help our people develop a more biblically based worldview. I choose to believe that doctrine, presented correctly, can be lifechanging.

John Piper has a great article that encourages me in this way of thinking. Enjoy!


John said...

Amen! When every doctrine is questioned, a Romans refresher course is handy for every congregation every year or so. Are you going to go verse-by-verse, chapter-by-chapter, or by theme?

Peter Bogert said...

I'm going to move through chapters, probably looking at 30 sermons in all. I want to deal with the major themes, but I also want to teach the book.