It's All About Me?

notes from the front lines has a short article called "The Big Book of Me." It is worth your time to read and contemplate.

Thinking about this article from a Pastor's point of view made me think about what I want to happen when I preach each Sunday.

Have you ever had people come to you after a service and say, "I enjoyed that?" We'd like to think that we understand what they mean, but then again, is it possible that they really mean that they enjoyed the service?

A man-centered view of the Bible, of church, and of preaching will lead to a focus on all kinds of life lessons that can easily be detached from God. Music can be chosen (regardless of genre - some of the goofiest songs that were ever written are in our hymnals) because people like the melody, even if the words stink.

Semantics? Maybe. But I'd rather people come to me with words like, "That challenged me." "I learned something today." "You made me think about . . ."

Those kinds of responses give me hope that people are actually enagaged, and if I am being faithful in preaching Scripture in a God-centered way, my sermons will be something God can use to change people.

Remember: God's Spirit uses God's Word to grow God's People.


John Schroeder said...

Q. 1. What is the chief end of man?
A. Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.
Wish I wrote it, but I just quote it in my full post here