Translation Vexation

I've made a decision to move from the NIV to the ESV (English Standard Version), but this has nothing to do with gender issues. My main reason was that in doing exposition, I wanted a translation that was more "formal equivalent" than "dynamic equivalent" in style.

I've always wondered how you could preach expositorily from a version such as the New Living Translation. I personally enjoy reading it, but you can't focus on the words, at least without making numerous "actually in the original Greek/Hebrews, the word means . . ." which is what led me to stop using the King James Version.

So far, after about two months, I like it and will probably stick with it. If you want info about the ESV, take a look at the publisher's site.

A lot of ink is being spilled over the TNIV. This is one of those hard issues. Many evangelical scholars have spoken out against it. Others, like D.A. Carson and Greg Blomberg, have spoken out in favor of it. What is behind the debate, and what is the issue with the translation style.?

Author and Pastor Mark Roberts has a series of articles on the translation issue that are very helpful. I'm not sure what position he will take on the TNIV just yet, but his comments are worth reading.


Milton Stanley said...

I've been preaching from the ESV for two or three years. Like you, I switched from the NIV, whose dynamic equivalence loses something in some passages. Hope you continue to enjoy the ESV.