Friday Findings

9Marks Ministries June newsletter reviews fellow blogger Tod Bolsinger's book It Takes A Church to Raise A Christian. They also have an article on Biblical Theology by Graeme Goldsworthy.

I happened to stumble across this treasure-trove of online resources. If you collect links to commentaries, translations, etc., add this one to your list.

SongTouch is an online Christian music service where you can download songs or albums. Speaking of music (it's Friday and I'm a bit fried - no pun intended), has anyone ever figured out why people seem to be "ministered to" more when the soprano soloist hits a real high note to end the song?

Anyone want a Gmail account? Email me at and I'll oblige with an invite.

The baseball equivalent of Logos Bible Software, only online. We have to have baseball in heaven. We just have to.

Have a great weekend!