Random Stuff

Brian Colmery at Sycamore has his second post on preaching. His thoughts have been very much worthwhile.

The newly relocated (to Virginia) and always worthwhile-to-read Milton Stanley has been following some preaching discussions at Transforming Sermons. It seems that on my twice-annual trip to North Carolina to visit my parents I pass right by Milton's new territory and am looking forward to treating him to lunch at some point.

Adrian Warnock has posted a link to three downloadable MP3's by Donald Carson on the New Perspective on Paul. The link is here. Adrian's site, a daily visit for me, is here.

Speaking of MP3's, is anyone aware of any good audio downloads on church history? I found these, and so far they seem pretty good, but the speaker is unfamiliar to me. I wish Audible.com would put out some stuff. I get a lot of great audiobooks on history from them.

Those of you who use Logos Bible Software might find this site of interest. I have a ton of Logos resources, but have yet to tap into the power of the Logos/Libronix engine.

White Horse Inn has some MP3's for download - not all free, but not very costly. I'd recommend you visiting them.

Just read this article on the Church Growth Movement. Hat tip to Slice of Laodicea. Don't always see things their way (SofL), but I appreciate a lot of what I find there.


Milton Stanley said...

Informative post, Peter, particularly the church history audio files. And I look forward to having lunch with you, whoever buys! Peace.

Bumble said...

I just want to contribue something I just recently learned about preaching application. Check out this post from my blog...


Just ignore my ESL mistakes in my writing and you will be fine...

Peter Bogert said...

Excellent article, Bumble!