Christian Traditions Selector and Other Things

Boar's Head Tavern has a link to a Christian Traditions Selector Quiz.
All in good fun, of course. Of course. . . Here's my profile.

Rank Item Percent
1: Baptist (Reformed/Particular/Calvinistic) (100%)
2: Baptist (non-Calvinistic)/Plymouth Brethren/Fundamentalist (97%)
3: Congregational/United Church of Christ (80%)
4: Pentecostal/Charismatic/Assemblies of God (78%)
5: Methodist/Wesleyan/Nazarene (77%)
6: Presbyterian/Reformed (77%)
7: Church of Christ/Campbellite (58%)
8: Anglican/Episcopal/Church of England (57%)
9: Seventh-Day Adventist (52%)
10: Anabaptist (Mennonite/Quaker etc.) (50%)
11: Lutheran (42%)
12: Eastern Orthodox (30%)
13: Roman Catholic (9%)

I've enjoyed reading Kristen at Walking Circumspectly. She's got a lot of good things to say and says them well. One of her latest posts on the dangers of false teaching was excellent.

Tim Challies at has a great article on Decisional Regeneration. Worth a read.

Finally, my beloved Phillies blew their third game in a row, with the bullpen again giving up the tying and leading runs. Sob, sniff.


Kristen said...

So which is it, Peter? Reformed or Non-Calvinistic? ;)

Peter Bogert said...

Ah Anna Baptist logs in! I'm reformed. I'm pastor of a GBTC - Generic Bible-Teaching Church. "We" are neither Reformed or non-Reformed. "I" am Reformed. I hope that doesn't mean you're gonna toss me off of your site!

Kristen said...


Naw. If I did that, I'd have, like, two or three people on my blogroll.

Milton Stanley said...

Oh no, Peter. I never imagined I was closet Eastern Orthodox!

Peter Bogert said...




Reformers Blog the Best

Kristen said...

I still find it interesting that your non-Calvinist Baptist response is right behind your #1, and Pentecostal and Wesleyan/Nazarene come before Presbyterian. I'll still consider it a triumph. ;)

Peter Bogert said...


I have no clue why that is. I'm reformed in soteriology, moderately dispensational, and believe in adult baptism. I suppose that the importance weights of the questions makes some difference.

Maybe I'll take the quiz again and see if I've grown :-)

John said...

The test told me that I should be a Pentecostal. Methodism was its second choice.

I think that there is a Biblical case for the Calvinist/Reformed soteriology, but that the Arminian case is stronger. It's something that Christians can easily disagree on in good faith.