Preaching . . . the Pope

Milton Stanley is a fellow-preacher whose site I visit daily. Transforming Sermons has a link to a good article by Herschel York on preaching. Visit Milton's site, and stop in here for York's article.

About the Pope. I'd be stunned by some of what I am reading by evangelicals about the Pope if it weren't for the fact that doctrine apparently has a smaller and smaller role in what we consider "Christian." I respect the man for a lot of things, but I find it hard to believe that some of us feel that he has "preached the gospel" to millions of people. Have we lost an understanding of that Gospel? Or don't we care? Is it something to sacrifice for the sake of "unity?"

Read my comments about Terry Schiavo in a post from the other day. What I said about her applies to the Pope. I'm not going to judge the man's soul. That's God's job. But unless I misread the Bible, he presided over a system filled with error. Confessing Evangelical has some balance here.

I'm feeling more and more like a dinosaur with each passing week. Sigh.


Milton Stanley said...

Thanks for the mention, Peter. I enjoy your blog more and more every day (even when I'm not in it). Thanks for being bold enough to tell the truth with vigor.

John said...

You're right. Catholicism is chock-full of doctrinal errors, and while we shouldn't be crass about the death of this great man who stood up to Communism, we should not forget authentic Catholic doctrine (at least as I understand it, which might be wrong), is heresy.

A good book on the subject is here.

Kristen said...

I agree, Peter. Thank you for telling it like it is--even if some will delete you from their blogrolls for saying it. ;) But you'll be in mine (a great comfort, I know).