Return from the Southland

Thank you to those who left well-wishes for my trip. I had a good day with my parents and some productive study time in the motel yesterday morning. I also benefitted greatly from listening to some main sessions and seminars from the 2005 Shepherd's Conference (John Macarthur). RC Sproul's talks on justification by faith were especially good.

I also came home to a dead Dell Dimension. I am pretty computer-fluent and worked through a couple of things, but my main office computer seems to have bitten the dust. Bought the farm. Etc. So I don't have access to all of my data for a few days until a replacement gets here, but I got a good deal on a refurbished Dell unit. In the meantime my blogging may be sporadic.

If you want some good listening, go to The Shepherd's Conference website. The mp3's cost $3 each, but the ones by Sproul from this year are worth your purchase and repeated listening.


Kristen said...

Regarding the computer: D'oh! :)

Glad you are back.

John said...

Welcome home!

I've been listening to your Romans sermon series on the computer. Fine work.

Peter Bogert said...

Kristen: You're not kidding. I hate when that happens. I should see if rubbing a copy of "Your Best Life Now" (Osteen) will make it work again.

John: Thank you very much! That's kind.

Diane said...

Hey..were you out here at John MacArthur's church? I live 20 minutes from there.

On another note...I've been hearing from a lot of people who say that they have big problems with their Dell. Since I am going to get a new computer soon, I'm not sure I will go with that one..what do you think?