Preaching to A Shifting Culture & ESV Reformation Study Bible

One of the best books I read in 2004 is a booked edited by Scott M. Gibson entitled Preaching to A Shifting Culture. The subtitle, 12 Perspectives on Communicating that Connects comes from twelve essays by noted preachers and theologians in the Evangelical community.

I found nearly all of the essays to be of value, but in particular
  • The Necessity of Preaching Christ in a World Hostile To Him (Bryan Chapell)
  • The Relevance of Expository Preaching (Haddon Robinson)
  • Connecting with Your Congregation (Keith Willhite)
  • Who's Listening Out There? (David Hansen)
  • The Postmodern Mind and Preaching (Jeffrey Arthurs
  • Evangelical Preaching in a Global Context (Timothy Tennent)
  • Biblical Preaching in an Anti-Authority Age (Scott Gibson)

If you're looking for one of the must-reads to help you communicate more effectively, and encourage you to stay faithful in the task of actually teaching/preaching the Bible as opposed to letting the Bible be the launching pad for therapeutic pick-me-ups, I'd recommend this book highly. Those of you in missions or involved with missions would do well to read Tennent's chapter. It's under $10 at most discounters.

The link that I post is for Westminster Seminary Bookstore here near Philadelphia. I find their prices on scholarly and pastoral books to be about the best around, and their $5 per order shipping fee is superb. Of course, I have the advantage of driving 3 miles over there, paying no shipping, and being able to browse to my heart's content. Need anything? Send me some money and I'll be glad to um, get it, um for you and send it out when I, uh, get a chance . . .

They are selling the Reformation Study Bible for a paltry $39.99 instead of the usual $69.99 (that's in black or burgundy genuine leather). The Wittenburg Gate has an article about it, and I have been using it for a few weeks. The notes are very good, a good team of contributors, and a nice sized print. It's not a small book, though - you could ward off a terrorist gang with it if you had to - but it's nicely done.

Hey - I'm enjoying my first three months blogging and appreciate the different people I've been in contact with. Too bad that we can't do lunch!

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John said...

Yeah, I noticed that about blogger's loony spellchecker.

Eventually, I'll swing by Lifeway and have a look at the Reformation Study Bible.

I've heard criticism that it slants Reformation history from a Calvinistic point of view, and gave short shrift to other perspectives. So far, do you gain that impression? Is it a balanced presentation?

Peter Bogert said...

The study notes are thoroughly Reformed in areas relating to soteriology. I thought their note on baptism could have been written by a baptist, and they seem fair in terms of various millennial views.

Milton Stanley said...

Thanks for the reference. I've posted about your review at my blog. Peace.